How to remove personal private info on registration info removal

Well, I have published a Chinese post for “how to remove personal/private info on”. I found some one asked the same question on Quora, I think I can add one more English post, but a simpler one.

I tried for a long time to solve this issue, and finally I decided to contact to solve this issue. and found that they have provided a way to update or hide the domain information which may contain sensitive personal data.

The simple answer is, you can either update your info with your domain agent info or hide your info on

Update information on

I once use my personal info as the domain information, and then I tried to change the security setting (, and then the domain agent has hidden my info and replaced with an agent contact information. Notice this will change the whois data, while will not be updated, I guess they have a copy and they don’t refresh the data at least for months.

So it requires a manual request on

Click this link to send an update request: it’s quite simple, send the request then you will receive an email, confirm the link on the email. it will take effective immediately.

I’ll give a screenshot:

Remove information on

I haven’t tried to hid the domain information, while I noticed on the same link (, it provides the option to hide the registration info.

If you have any problems with this method or find other solutions worked, please leave a message~